Like Ayurveda, Yoga is another ancient Indian system.  The name is derived from the word yog , which means “union.” Yoga helps to develop a firm body, stable mind and focused collaborative spirit, skills which help  to combat stress and improve performance in all areas of life.

Through the Asanas, or postures, we improve the following aspects:

Force – the postures tone the entire body (isometric).

Resistance – increases physical performance.

Flexibility – keeping the body healthy through proper stretching.

Posture – attaining an upright posture without effort.

Energy – improves the functioning of glands by providing renewal daily.

Health – a permanent state of wellness through stable mind and body.

Iyengar Yoga is based on meticulous spinal and postural alignment, especially beneficial as a therapeutic tool to improve a range of medical disorders, diseases, and maladies.This method can be practiced not only by those who are physically fit, but also people with physical limitations like injuries, postural issues or sedentary lifestyles.