Técnica Technique


OSHO Art Therapy: about 3 decades ago , at Osho’s request ,Meera created this process that uses art in its broadest concept as a tool to aid in deeper connection with our true Being, and to sincerely answer who we really are despite our life long conditioning . You will begin to remember you true self left behind in childhood; and the unique creative expression that has been erased or distorted.

This process is not so much learning a technique , it’s a revival of intuition and personal creativity .

We paint on the floor with a mixture of different water-based inks and a very special handmade paper from India . This horizontal approach used by Meera and the oriental culture connects us directly with our body , feelings and emotions revealing most of the time our internal movements , resistance and self-judgments . Water movement, ink and colors will lead us to a mysterious space that we used to know as a child , and that is the basis of a subtle knowledge , the unconscious reasoning called intuition.