Developed by the esteemed master, Kusum Modak, Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage (AYTM) is a technique which combines Iyengar yoga with the therapeutic aspects of massage and ayurveda.  Transformative by nature, AYTM engages the client and therapist in a partnership to realign and support the body’s natural state, which often becomes distorted throughout life due to stress, physical and emotional distress, poor posture, inadequate nutrition, etc.  The main focus of any session is blood circulation, conscious breathing, and the movement of vital energy by utilizing therapist assisted postures, deep stretches, and traction. AYTM is designed to promote balance between the nervous, respiratory, & circulatory systems while improving muscle tone and  range of motion. Other benefits include elimination of toxins, strengthening the immune system, and increased hydration and elasticity of the skin. The technique is most effective when the client commits to at least six sessions over the course of several weeks, with maintenance sessions thereafter. AYTM is a powerful tool for change, challenging the client’s mind, body, and spirit to return to a state of health and vitality.