Simple technique of Mindfulness”

Simple technique of Mindfulness”

How to be mindful in situations of confrontation; either coming from a strong emotion, discomfort, stress situation, or simply when life is spinning out of control.

You can rely on the experience of “being in the moment” with this practice:

Take the time you have available (even if its very short), surely you’ll feel the benefits then you can increase the duration.

  • Bring attention to the sensations accompanying the breath.
  • Focus on one of the senses: hearing, sight, taste…
  • Simply note the nuances and qualities of this experience.
  • Open up to the now with kindness and acceptance, without judging or resisting.

Sounds too simple? That’s it! The tendency to complicate makes it difficult to experience the simple fact of ‘being in the present moment’. Only excuses not to get started, how about using 5 minutes today?

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