Tchai Masala de Kusum Modak

Tchai Masala de Kusum Modak



I had the privilege of learning the homemade recipe with the Master and every day at 5 am my day begins like hers, silent Mantra and Tchai.
Recipe of the powder (masala) that is added to the Tchai and makes all the difference in the flavor. This mixture lasts up to a year, if stored airtight and in a dry place.


  • ½ kg of powdered ginger (You can find the powdered ginger and the other ingredients in a natural products and herbal stores.)
  • 50gr of cardamom
  • 50gr Cinnamon
  • 25gr of black pepper
  • 25gr cloves
  • 3 nutmegs



In a large bowl place the powdered ginger.
Roast the other ingredients separately in a skillet over low heat, each one has its roasting timing and Kusum does it patiently until she sees the heat “coming out” as it were asphalt during a hot day… as if it were a vision of a heated desert!
Besides, you will be able to know by the smell.
Allow to cool down, than grind each ingredient in the food processor. Careful to use the blender, it gets stuck to the bottom, so always shake the cup to crush homogeneously. If you want to add the black pepper and clove together its ok, they have similar size.
Add each ingredient, one at a time to the ginger powder and mix slowly as the dust can cause a sneezing session.
Store in a good insulated jar or tin to keep the aroma and the taste.
One tip: be generous and double the recipe! Its easier to grind and you can gift a loved one with a small gift from India.

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