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Brazilian Bodysculpting Massage 4 PACK

$300.00 $260.00

Brazilian Bodysculpting Massage 4 PACK (Save $10 per session)
50 minutes | 4 Sessions $260.00
This Massage is very popular in Brazil in Spas and Beauty Clinics. It unites techniques of lymphatic drainage and body shaping massage. It aims to activate the lymphatic system helping in the process of eliminating toxins and fluids retained in the body by activating the lymphatic and blood circulation, thus causing hyperemia of the tissues improving the texture of the skin and reducing body measurements. The Brazilian Massage is suggested for all types of people, especially those who have poor venous return (circulation deficit), body edema, cellulitis (Fiber Edema Geloid ), localized fat, or even for those who want to maintain the health of tissues. Ideally, this massage should be done at least once a week until results are achieved. Not recommended for those with: Fever; Phlebitis; Deep vein thrombosis; Cancer with metastasis.


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