We foster freedom, through body centered therapies and creative connections to the self.
We unwind the body, dance, paint and meditate.
Transform & Free yourself!
 “With an open heart I decided to move to India many years ago, where I started my healing process, physical, mental and emotional. There I met myself through intense work ranging from yoga, body work, Ayurveda and radical therapeutic processes through meditation and awareness. After several years traveling and moving around the globe Cleveland became home and with that a loud and unavoidable calling to spread the blessings that I’ve been exposed to. It is an honor to have created a synergetic place where people come to open their chest, expand in breath, let life energy in, flow in creativity and movement, in the midst of an astonishing view of downtown.
We are at your service in gratefulness and joy.” Love, Laura

A multifaceted teacher, Laura is specialized in therapeutic traditions from India  and embodies discipline from dancing since she is 5 and 20 years of martial arts practice. She deeply explored creativity becoming an Interior designer and later Fine Arts Major. The common silver thread was found in meditation, using all her lifetime skills to become a transformational facilitator through consciousness, health, and joy. She is a conscious channel, intuitive and an empath. Certified as a Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist(Nasya & Shirodhara), Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage, Reiki practitioner, Tantra Therapist, Art Therapist, 5 Rhythms Teacher and LMT by the State of Ohio Medical Board. Her long-standing dedication to learning and sharing with interpersonal and intercultural skills reflects her passion for people, life, and healthy living.