High Self Esteem

High Self Esteem

Naturally self confidence is a vital inherent quality of every human being. We are born with the capacity to be self confident but by the way most of us are raised we are bombarded by negative views that keeps us putting the other before us, always.

The thought is the primary source that allows us to feel adequate to life, feeling competent and deserving. To pursue the development of self esteem and self respect, learning to discern small ‘voices’ of self sabotage, makes us aware, with good will and optimism. Simply happier.


The Inner Smile

The Inner Smile has been a meditative practice for hundreds of years. You do not necessarily need to bring the smile, but the important thing is that you feel the physical smile on your face through the whole meditation. The smile can be big or small does not matter.

Amongst a number of medical benefits an Acu-Energetic benefit of the Inner Smile meditation is that smiling relaxes the flow of energy throughout the body –  As you smile and feel the smile throughout the body this helps us let go of tension.

This Meditation was kindly shared by the Therapist Tarika Cheryl Glubin


TIP: Smile to Your Heart!


The heart is the center of the physiological circulation and also the center of energetic circulation and in the middle of and the biggest in the chakra system – the chakras convey information or ‘hold’ the meridians and other energetic pathways, which then flow around the physical body.

The heart is said to open to the mouth in Chinese Medicine. As well the mouth and the actual physical smile affects the stomach and the large intestine meridians directly and all the yang (moving) meridians which meet at the base of the neck.

There are other connections of the mouth and heart, in Kaballah per example – where the lower face is seen as a reflexology map of the heart!

This is quite amazing!



Tarika Cheryl Glubin


Rupa Selecki



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