Meditative Art Therapy

About 3 decades ago, at Osho’s request, Meera created a process that uses art in its broadest concept as a tool to aid in deeper connection with our true Being. This process helps us to sincerely answer the question of who we really are despite our lifelong conditioning. Through this method you will begin to remember your true self, the one left behind in childhood, as well as your unique creative gift of expression that has been erased or distorted.

This process is not so much about learning a technique, as it is a revival of your inherent intuition and personal creativity. We paint on the floor using a combination of water-based inks and a very special handmade paper from India. This horizontal approach, connects us directly with our body, feelings, and emotions while revealing our internal movements, resistance, and self-judgments. The movement of water, ink and colors leads us to that mysterious space that we used to know as a child, and which is the basis of a subtle knowledge and unconscious reasoning called intuition.

Meeting OSHO

The controversial style of the Indian philosopher and mystic Osho (Shree Bhagwan Rajneesh) intrigued me by his keen intellect and mischievous jokes. Osho would break the seriousness of profound subjects such as meditation, enlightenment, religion, politics and traditional values and root his discourses in the affirmation of life based on science and not on belief and dogma. Between the pauses of Osho's speeches, a connection happened. His daily speeches on Hinduism, Zen and other Eastern religious traditions combined elements of Western philosophy with modern psychotherapy. Osho was the first guru to adopt such approach. Osho developed and inspired different techniques and methods of body and energetic work, as well as processes of psychotherapy supported by meditation. He left a legacy of celebration for life. Although Osho is no longer present on this earth, his teachings are available around the world to the hearts of the braves.

MEERA as a teacher

Born in Japan and later settling in Europe, Meera (Kasue Hashimoto) was a fiery artist and warm-hearted human being. In 1974, Meera became a disciple of Osho and established Osho Art Therapy, leading workshops throughout the world. She developed new methods of creative expression related to therapeutic and meditative processes. In addition, more than 40 Osho books are illustrated with Meera’s paintings.

She set out on her journey to other dimensions on February 2017, honoring us with the great legacy of rebirthing creativity within ourselves with simplicity and totality.

“I had the grace and fortune to learn and work with Meera, translating her book ReAwakening of Art, assisting her in several workshops and growing closer and closer with her lessons of simplicity, joy and compassion. Meera and the precious jewels she shared are forever etched in my heart.” Laura Branco

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