5 Rhythms®



Flowing - Staccato - Chaos - Lyrical - Stillness

We follow this map to enter portals of our physical, emotional and intellectual states of being. Each time you dance, you are different. The more you dance, the more you have the chance to access and gain back the ability to trust your movement. By dancing the 5Rhythms, you can achieve organic healing and learn a new way to meditate while being in communion with the world around you and, especially, with yourself. Click here for more information on 5Rhythms. More info here.

Dancing the 5Rhythms is a practice—a dynamic way to both work out and to meditate in the same breath. It teaches us that life is simply energy in motion, freeing us from any fixed notions about people, places, objects or ideas.


5Rhythms Waves® is a class held by a Certified 5Rhythms Teacher, a fellow dancer that has already found a path in the 5Rhythms and has a deep desire to share this work and walk alongside a community of people. The commitment is to truly support people in their own growth, transformation, processing of emotions, etc. No shame, no judgment, no mistakes. Whatever journey we are on, we are enough, and the Wave is a safe container to express ourselves and let go.

In 2 hours, Waves of the 5Rhythms will shake your bones and move your soul. How you experience it is up to you:the intensity, speed, steps, and style are all about your own empowerment. Be ready to express your spontaneity, intuition, fear, ability to stay present or other complex emotions. e welcome it all.


Gabrielle Roth

was a dance and theater director, a shaman, a healer and a medicine dancer. Gabrielle witnessed her own process tuning in through movement and generously spread this work showing the way all around the world. 5Rhythms® reached tens of thousands worldwide and many teachers are carrying her legacy. We Sweat, we shed, we dance and we honor the 5Rhythms® of The Raven.